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Inmar Digital Health Competition 2015 powered by Flywheel

Welcome to the Inmar Digital Health Challenge 2015 powered by Flywheel.  If you have not logged in before, please click the REGISTER button and follow the instructions. If you have already registered, please log in using your e-mail address and password.

PLEASE REVIEW ALL CHALLENGE RULES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THE CHALLENGE WEBSITE LANDING PAGE AT http://flywheelcoworking.com/inmar-digital-health-challenge-2015/

Inmar’s Healthcare Network and Challenge Focus

The Healthcare landscape is changing, daily.  The societal desire to have better population health, lower cost and an improved patient experience, as well as patients themselves seeking help to have a healthier lifestyle is driving the change.  It is vitally important that flexible business strategies and models that adapt to dynamic business conditions are crafted, tested and deployed.  Enter Digital Health, the convergence of technology, health and healthcare and one of the fastest growing business sectors.

The Inmar Digital Health Challenge 2015 seeks the best Digital Health solutions that answer:

  • How can disparate data sources be leveraged to discover health-related correlations and insights that enable individuals and their support groups/families to collaborate, monitor and improve a patient’s health?

The best ideas solve current and future healthcare challenges by combining some or all of these technologies:

  • Wireless devices, hardware sensors, software sensing technologies, microprocessors, integrated circuits, the Internet, social networking, mobile and body area networks, health information technology, genomics, and personal genetic information.

Challenge participants will compete for a $25,000 cash prize and potential future funding.  During the challenge, participants will have access to world-class mentors who will help them frame, shape and hone their idea into a compelling pitch.



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